Wednesday, 2 November 2011

PLE's in Primary Education

I remember, when I was about eight or nine, my friend brought a mobile phone into school. We thought it was pretty cool but the teachers did not. His phone was taken off him, he was given a lunch time detention and his parents were called. Almost 15 years later, what has changed?
I was recently informed that 70% of your learning occurs outside of educational institutions (thank you Steve Wheeler). This leads me to believe that these smart phones and other handheld devices are now a huge part of childrens' learning outside of the school and thus, a part of there personal learning environments'.
Have primary schools opened up to the idea of using some of the fantastic learning opportunities that modern day e-learning offers, or are there too many dinosaurs running the lessons and swearing blind that they'll 'never get one of those touch screen, fiddly phones!)?


  1. Is this because mobile phones have become a resource for information and knowledge, rather than just a means of communication.

  2. Dinosaurs? Love that.

    I remember when I was at school that when you tried to check your phone slyly in class it was as if you were undertaking a secret mission. Interesting how it is all changing. My little cousin was taking about how they were using ipads in school the other day. I used to love it when we got to use 'show me boards' and marker pens in maths!

    Good blog jon :)