Wednesday, 2 November 2011

PLE's in Primary Education

I remember, when I was about eight or nine, my friend brought a mobile phone into school. We thought it was pretty cool but the teachers did not. His phone was taken off him, he was given a lunch time detention and his parents were called. Almost 15 years later, what has changed?
I was recently informed that 70% of your learning occurs outside of educational institutions (thank you Steve Wheeler). This leads me to believe that these smart phones and other handheld devices are now a huge part of childrens' learning outside of the school and thus, a part of there personal learning environments'.
Have primary schools opened up to the idea of using some of the fantastic learning opportunities that modern day e-learning offers, or are there too many dinosaurs running the lessons and swearing blind that they'll 'never get one of those touch screen, fiddly phones!)?